Monday, December 5, 2011

how to air chair

this is a tutorial on how to do air chair 

1 squat down on your toes, with your thighs against your calves.

2 lean to the right and place your right hand on the ground beside you.

3 continue leaning to the right as you bend your right elbow and tuck it against your ribs directly above your hip bone.

4 shift your entire body weight onto your right arm and hand keeping your right elbow braced against your rib. Do not lean forward keep your chest perpendicular to the ground

5 raise your legs slowly off the ground until your body is parallel to the ground, resting on the right elbow that is stabbed in to your ribs.

6 pike the air chair move by shifting either leg until it points straight up the ceiling. You can reach up to grab the foot or that leg with your hand. The pike can be done quickly or you can hold it.

7 exit the air chair move by lowering your legs back down to the ground and arm and pushing with your hand to shift your body weight back on to your legs and feet .

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