Friday, November 4, 2011

Air Swipes

This is how to do air swipes

Step 1 beginning

Step forward with left leg
Twist torso to the left
Put to both arms to the left; make sure they aren’t just hanging at your side

Step 2 unwinding and kicking

Kick your right leg straight as your droop kicking a midget. Do nor bent your leg and thrust out, like a karate kick.
As you kick with your right you will notice your body dropping back almost parallel to the floor
first to touch the ground is the right hand, some people make mistake in thinking that in this move you actually jump all the way back , that’s not true , you’re just setting up a swipe position  from standing .
Judge the distance when your right hand is about to hit the ground, launch with the left foot UP no to the RIGHT
By now your whole body should be in the air and your left hand should land, brining along with it a lot of torque
There will be a moment in time when you‘re in a 45 degree handstand position with your head pointing at the ground. focus on the ground while rotating your legs , but that doesn’t help . look of to your right when you’re in this position for an easier rotation

Kick right leg
Swing right arm
Swing left arm, unwind torso, and kick with left foot

Step 3 landing

Land as you would any swipe
Focus on really twisting your hips if you did not get enough power twist already with the initial unwinding.
When you’re in that 45 degree hand-stand position looking to the right, really focus on bringing your leg down and keeping your legs straight, back arched

Step 4 moving on

After you land this , the Impact can either be extremely hard or very light , use air swipes as your drop into foot work , so go into your footwork  while your buddies however use air swipes to kip ups to air swipes to kip ups like godly rubber, but not 
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  1. thanks for your tutorial.. nice one..