Friday, August 5, 2011

basic step moves tutorial (foot work)

berikut adalah urutan dari foot-work yaitu dasar dasar yang nantinya bakal lw pake ketika battle  ups g bisa langsung battle juga loh ,, harus paham semua dulu baru lw bisa combine atau bikin koreo dari foot-work yang hmmmm macem macem deh,nah ini adalah tutorial 2-step ampe 6-step yg klo lw uda lancar , nantinya lw bakal lancar juga buat belajar basic step yg lain , so let's check it dude,,,


1. Start with both feet on the floor, knees bent and your hands on the floor behind your back

(Crab position).

2. Straighten your left leg and bring it under your rear, sweep your right leg around your left leg at the same time bring your right arms across your body and switch hands.

3. Shift weight onto your left arm while using your left leg to hop and twist your torso, this will land you back in the crab position.


Left Coaster

1. Step back with left foot & step back with right foot.

2. Step forward with left foot.

Right Coaster

1. Step back with right foot & step back left foot.

2. Step forward with right foot.


Start on hands and knees like you are about to crawl.

1. Step left foot to where right hand was.

2. Step right foot directly behind left foot.

3. Place right hand where right foot was.

4. Step left foot so you land in crab position.

5. Sweep right foot past left foot to return to knees .


1. Start the 5 step break dancing with your legs spread widely apart and your weight centered on your hands

Look like you are trying to do a split but bend your torso forward at the waist.

2. Lift up your right arm moves your left foot forward and stretch out your legs so that it’s in front of your right foot.

3. Allow your right knee to bend, but keep your left leg straight Allow your torso to tip to the left while you face front, and settle your weight on your left hand.

4. Lift your right foot forward, so that it looks behind your left knee.

5. Step sideways with your right foot so it’s beside your left foot and bend both your knees. Squat but keep your torso tipped back with your weight on your left.

6. Switch your weight to your right hand and hook your left foot with your right leg by curling your leg around it. Your left foot will be tucked into your right knee.

7. Set your left hand beside your right, and straighten your leg while your left foot is still hooked around your right leg, put your butt in the air so It’s higher than your head or your feet.

8. Put your weight on your left foot, lift up your right hand and kick your left leg up into the air. Keep your knee bent and kick your foot a little to the left.

9. Slip your left foot in front of your right foot and straighten your leg. Face the back with your side against your left arm.

10. Tuck your right foot behind your left knee and continue around.


1. Start with 6 step starting position, split your feet wide, but not too wide neither too close, and put your hands like you’re about to crawl.

2. Lift your right hands and placed your left foot to where your right hand was.

3. Move your right foot to right behind your left wrist knee.

4. Move back your left foot with little swing to left one side of your right food, so now you are in comfortable squatting position, switch your body weight by lifting your left hand and put down your right hand, so your weight is now on your right hand.

5. At the same time you switch your weight to your right hand, swing around your right foot right in front of your left knee.

6. Move your left foot step backward and put your left hand one side to your right hand.

7. Last step is to bring out your right food to the beginning, and now, you are back at 6-step starting position. You can keep going and speed it up.

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